BELTECH provides reliable, value-added translations.

Japanese to English
and English to Japanese Translation Services

BELTECH will always provide the most accurate, reliable translation to meet your needs.

As international companies increasingly seek partnerships and other forms of collaboration, the demand for translation in the field of technology continues to grow. Therefore, in order to produce translated documents that can be used in the actual business environment, it's essential for translators to understand the author's ideas and thoughts, organize the points, and express such ideas and thoughts in a manner consistent with the target culture, be it Japanese- or English-speaking. To achieve this, translators must add or omit certain words and phrases for the sake of greater, quicker understanding by the target audience. Therefore, they must have advanced language competence in both English and Japanese. In turn, a natural-sounding translation can be achieved only when the translator has expertise and abundant experience in the field concerned. At BELTECH we aim to be number one in the field of technical translation.

Medical/Pharmaceutical Translation

Our Linguists Are Experts in Medical Science, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Life Science and More

Recently, the demand for translation in the field of bioscience has increased, given the constant exchange of medical/pharmaceutical papers and progress in the development of medical equipment. At BELTECH, translators with deep knowledge in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, biotechnology and life science strive to deliver high-quality translations. They seek to be the first and the best.

Technical Translation

Quick, High-Quality, Affordable Translations for Computer, Electronics/Electrical Devices and Communication Equipment-Related Manuals

We provide translation for product manuals and technical documents performed by translators who have extensive experience as engineers at leading manufacturers as well as experience in the drafting of manuals. We translate all kinds of documentation, including user manuals, service manuals, specifications, maintenance manuals, testing procedures and general catalogues. When quality, price and deadlines count, look to BELTECH.

Business/Legal/Contract Translation

Legal Translations by Linguists with Experience in Legal Documents at Law Firms and Patent Offices

Needless to say, when translating legal documents such as petitions and contracts, the translator must not only to understand the concepts of the original manuscript and use legal terms accurately but must also pay careful attention to the sentence structure unique to the target language. At BELTECH, only linguists who have abundant experience in this field perform the required translation work. So, you can be confident that the translated document will match the original in form and content.

Website Translation

Website Translation Service for Japanese Companies Seeking Overseas Expansion or Overseas Companies Considering Expansion to Japan

Globalization is advancing rapidly, thanks to the Internet. Accordingly, the development of a global client base requires a website that functions smoothly in each of several languages. At BELTECH we help Japanese companies considering overseas expansion and overseas companies considering expansion to Japan. Our service is characterized by a convenient one-stop approach that's a win-win for everyone, regardless of the client's specialty.

Translation Rates
(Japanese to English and English to Japanese)

Field English
→ Japanese
→ English
  Per English word Per Japanese character
Computer, IT-related, Electrical, Machinery, Construction 17yen - 15yen -
Catalogues / PR / Sales Promotion & Advertising 17yen - 16yen -
Medical Science / Pharmaceuticals / Chemistry 18yen - 16yen -
Legal / Contracts 18yen - 16yen -
Finance / Insurance / Economy 19yen - 17yen -
Various Papers / Literature (Humanities, Natural Science, Social Sciences) 18yen - 17yen -
Example: If the exchange rate is US$1 = 110 yen, 1 word = US$0.155

* EN > JP: 17 yen – (per English word), JP > EN: 15 yen – (per Japanese character)

* The rush charge ranges from 15% to 30% of the regular rate.

* Please inquire about other languages. We'll provide a quote, free of charge.

Payment Method

* If you have already used our services, an invoice will be sent to you from the second assignment completion during the month in which the translation was delivered. Payment must be made in cash by the end of the month following the delivery month.

Please Note

* Translation fees vary depending on the content, volume and other factors. Please be sure to provide the details of the original manuscript, including its topic, volume, preferred writing style, terms to be used and notations. Your inquiry will be processed promptly.